Sata is Judas, PF more corrupt than MMD, leaders will be arrested- Fr. Bwalya

The levels of corruption in the PF government are shockingly higher than those witnessed in the MMD government, says Agenda for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Fr. Frank Bwalya.

Fr Bwalya said that there was too much corruption going on in the PF government perpetrated by the top leadership and warned that when his party formed government in 2016, most of the PF leaders would go to jail.

Featuring on Unza Radio’s Lusaka Stars talk show yesterday, Fr, Bwalya said that the PF government was a failed project which should not be given chance in 2016.

“In 2016 when we form government many people in the current government will go to jail. I can assure you and many Zambians will be shocked to find out that in fact the corruption being perpetrated by this (PF) government maybe far beyond the corruption we witnessed under the MMD,” said Fr. Bwalya.

And Fr. Bwalya said that President Sata had disappointed many Zambians in the manner he was governing the country and compared the president to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ and that the people of Zambia felt disappointed and betrayed by President Sata for failure to stick to the promises he made during the 2011 presidential campaigns.

“When Jesus went to call disciples among the first people he called was Judas, who ended up betraying him. So it is possible that we could have called Mr. Sata and he betrayed us,

He is a Judas who has betrayed us and we don’t have to blame ourselves because we did trust and believe him at that time. We thought that he was sincere and would bring change in the governance of the country,” he said.

He revealed that Zambians were paying more on some commodities because of the politically corrupt but connected cartels who at some point financed the PF government elections campaigns.

Fr. Bwalya said that these individuals have always supported and financed popular political parties in order to receive favours when the parties formed governments.

“I will tell you that the reason why people are paying a lot of money on certain commodities is because of historical corruption. Each government that comes works with these same criminals, supplying this, supplying that and they hire a chopper, they hire a bus for campaigns, they put in money for this parliamentary by-election, these same criminals.

“We are not going to go that way; we are not going to them asking for money. Let the people of Zambia this time around make sure that they fund a political party and support well meaning Zambians to ensure that when these people form government they will not pay allegiance to these same criminals and corrupt cartels,” said Fr. Bwalya. He said that from the time he resigned from ZESCO as board chairperson, he had received a lot of information about the corrupt cartel whom he consistently referred to as criminals.

“From the time I resigned from ZESCO I have received so much information about these criminal, where you are seeing me now I am pregnant I have a lot of information and I know that one day in this country I will deliver and the people of Zambia will see the child that will come out of this pregnancy. There is a lot of corruption in the PF I am very disappointed because I never imagined that PF will soil itself with corruption so quickly,” said Fr. Bwalya.Fr. Bwalya said that the governance record under the PF and President Sata in particular had degenerated to extremely disappointing  levels, adding that there was no reason  to sympathize with the PF when they were busy breaching fundamental human rights at will.

“We have discovered that the PF in fact did not mean well, we don’t sympathize with them because of their serious issues of violation of human rights and other fundamental rights. How do you support the PF’s illegal scheme to manipulate the operations of the police by stopping other people from meeting or holding public rallies?” he asked. Fr. Bwalya also said that he regretted working for President Sata because of his abusive language and non respect of the people saying,

“I have to tell you that I regret something that happened on the copperbelt. The President had come for a funeral and I went to attend the same funeral as chairman of the board and I expected that the President will treat me with respect. But he started castigating me about my hair, why have you cut your hair short?

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