Sata is just a joker- Fr. Bwalya

By Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ president

When President Sata makes a joke he doesn’t say “its a joke” afterwards. He just jokes and carries on. So in Livingstone today, I think that Mr Sata was just trying to entertain the audience when he said UPND planned to hijack him but the plot was thwarted by state security.

It was a joke and the President likes to joke like this. Those of us who know him on a personal level know this side of him very well.

Otherwise, who would believe that any opposition political party in Zambia would have the capacity to hijack the head of state?

Of-course a political party can hire people to throw oranges, tomatoes or indeed stones from a safe distance – God forbid. So our prayer is that what President Sata said was meant to be a joke.

Finally, we call upon all political players not to allow the thought of attacking one another cross their mind. Violence begets violence and two wrongs don’t make a right. We pray that God will continue to inspire our minds to desire peace at all times and that we should always seek peaceful means to solve our problems and grievances.

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