Sata is the real culprit in Kabimba ‘useless’ tribunal – Fr. Frank Bwalya

Sata is the real culprit in Kabimba ‘useless’ tribunal – Fr. Frank Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia leader Father Frank Bwalya says ailing dictator Michael Sata is the main culprit in the Kabimba tribunal and that his inept leadership is costing Zambians a huge cost.

Below is Fr. Bwalya’s letter to Sata and leaked to Zambian Watchdog by our sources at Statehouse.




Dear Mr. Sata,


I write this letter to open your eyes and help you realize that the Judge Evans Hamaundu Tribunal setup to investigate Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba is actually a tribunal to expose your failure to use common sense and do the right thing regarding the prima facie case of breach of the oath of secrecy and abuse of authority by your beloved minister, Wynter Kabimba.

The conduct that has landed your Minister of Justice who is also your party Secretary General in trouble was known to you and yet you chose not to discipline him. You did nothing to uphold the oath of secrecy and prevent abuse of authority. Moreover, you decided to turn a blind eye to Kabimba’s action which was aimed at influencing the Judiciary in favour of your Panga Family (PF). It is clear that you chose to promote partisan interest at the expense of vital common good.

Against this background, I think that the creation of the Tribunal to investigate your Kabimba is totally unnecessary. It is a shameful waste of tax payers’ money. This money could have been used for sensible projects to address the needs of our suffering people. It is very sad that Zambians are being made to pay for this useless Tribunal because of your inept leadership, because of your irresponsible and casual approach to serious governance issues. What a shame!

Please be reminded that when two of your deputy ministers were named in the Auditor General’s report for corrupt conduct, you acted swiftly and dismissed them. Why have you failed to act in the same way with Kabimba, at least to send him on forced leave? What is it that makes him so special to you that you should even sacrifice the integrity of the Judiciary?

Finally, I wish to let you know that Zambians are very disappointed with your double standards and mediocre leadership in general.

We all know that you have decided to listen to no one except yourself. Hence, I wish to warn you that your ending will be a very big disaster.

Yours truly

Fr. Frank Bwalya



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