Sata is not sick, no one in our party will die soon- Scott

VICE-President Guy Scott has dispelled rumours being spread by the UPND in Kapiri Mposhi that President Sata is sick, reports the state owned but PF government controlled Zambia Daily Mail.

Dr Scott said President Sata is well and working in China.

“I understand that UPND is spreading false rumours that Mr Sata is sick and that is why he has sent me.  It is a big lie, Mr Sata is on duty in China and can only be in one place.”

The Vice-President was speaking at a rally held at Chipepo primary school in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday.

Dr Scott was in the area to drum up support for Patriotic Front candidate Eddie Musonda in the April 23 by-election.
The UPND is fielding Lawrence Zimba while UNIP is fielding Francis Mwape.

Dr Scott urged the people of Kapiri Mposhi to vote for Mr Musonda, whom the party has re-adopted to recontest the seat after successfully petitioning the election of Mr Zimba in the Supreme Court.

He said President Sata would be coming soon to drum up support for Mr Musonda.

“You will see Mr Sata will be coming soon to see you people of Kapiri Mposhi. This nonsense of saying that Mr Sata is sick has been going on for sometime, no-one in our party is ready to die any time soon,” he said.

Dr Scott appealed to the people to vote for Mr Musonda so that the PF can deliver development in the area saying it will be difficult to work with an MP from the opposition.

But Zambia reports reports UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party does not wish President Sata ill and dissociated the party from the accusations that they were spreading rumours about his illness.

Kakoma said UPND was looking forward to President Sata concluding his five year term and that the rumours about his sickness should have emanated from somewhere else.

He said much as they have different political views, the UPND valued human life and wish President Sata good health.

UPND is fielding Rose Zimba while Francis Mwape on UNIP. MMD is supporting the UPND candidate.

President Sata’s health has been deteriorating for some time and it has left him confined to State House with only limited public appearance and movements.


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    in the history of our political errar there s no way the president and acting president living office at once ee mr white man dont think we are not seeing what is going on any way you know the truth if you dont want to work with opposition why did mr sata offered the son of late kunda a deuty ministrial post .katuya nobasankwa inzuki zyasika mpoziluma buci bwalbonya dont give up upnd .

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    Just wondering who sponsors UNIP.For all the shame they have gone through in the past by elections, something must be wrong with some of these minute parties.Why cant they rebrand? awe mwandi

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    UPND 5 years

    What is Patrick Matibini’s (Speaker) wife doing in the government delegation to China??

    To eat like Munkombwe says??

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    UPND 5 years

    What is Matibini’s wife doing in the government delegation to China??

    To eat like Munkombwe says??

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    Let those with eyes see what I have written!
    Those with ears will hear my text!

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    Truth 5 years

    Why did this white-man fail to explain his boss’s long absence from public eye? The boss had gone to Cuba for treatment. Hugo Chaves died even after being in Cuba for first class treatment! Sick people are more eligible to die even without wishing them dead. A patient is supposed to go on sick leave instead of pretending to be fine. Dying on the job the Mwanawasa way is bad. Only dictators die like that!

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    Ngilingindo 5 years

    if he’s it UPND to blame for all your failures..white man..

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    plize is the UPND in power to control the pricing of the meal mil?
    plize is the UPND responsible for deathly and yes WHY THE GOVRNMENT dont there arrest the UPND?
    SO u tel me the UPND has influence then the dictership we ve now?
    am not the support of upnd but it has pipo that are capable of leading this country .go go go upnd

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    Remember the Ghost haunting the UPND?
    Who killed a cadre in Rufunsa? UPND!
    Who killed Mwaliteta’s cook? UPND!
    Who killed Chanda in Livingstone? UPND!
    Who is spreading rumours of President Sata being sick? UPND!
    Who has caused country wide mealie meal shortages? UPND!
    Who caused the delay in fertiliser distribution for the last farming season? UPND!
    Who is causing the Bye elections and forth coming one in Feira? UPND?
    Who has forced this country to have diplomats and international jobs to be given to one region? UPND!
    Should I say more??

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      Lyamcyi jst barking like rabed dog

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      The post newspaper are behind the false rumours that H.E. Mr. Sata is sick that’s why Mr.Sata had to ask a Post Reporter, if to him he (Mr. Sata) looked like one dieing. If it was UPND, H.E. Mr. Sata would have asked a Daily Nation Reporter.

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    Iyo kwena chilamika lipa pa BA SATA WESU… He is human. So what if he gets sick, just know that he is still alive and pray that you yourself live long. Because for sure LESA NIMA LYOTOLA.

    I hope you are campgning for your President otherwise Chipimo is now hot Chocolate.

    Sorry UPND you will just be here to suffer in pain.


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      Pamaka 5 years

      HEMCS is looking so healthy and so so so handsome, too bad for the haters, our President is enjoying good health, you better get used to it.

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      kayombo 5 years


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    Only if Lakota makes plurals by adding an S like English. If the team name is deliberately in a non-English language, then I say it should be pluralized as that language normally would. So if the University of Hawaii changed from Warriors to a Hawaiian equivalent (there are several, and I’m not sure which would be the best), they should be the Na Koa or Na Pū’ali, not Koas or Pū’alis.