Sata is now a ghost

By Nason Msoni

It is prudent for President Sata to stop behaving like a shadowy make-believe head of state that only exists on still pictures and portraits and through facebook page. Let him come-out on the open.

The role of the head of state is by all accounts a very serious national undertaking that requires foremost a hands-on approach by the personality elected as President as opposed to having a non-existent ghostly or mystic figure-head unseen to the public or allegedly believed to exist and running government remotely using some still distorted pictures as appears to be the case now.

We think this is not the right kind of leader this nation needs right now or at any other time in future.

No-one believes that it is proper to have a ghost worker for a president. In as much as we detest and denounce public service workers operating as ghost workers illegally planted on public wage bills similarly we must criticize and purge leaders operating like ghost workers or parasites drawing personal emoluments from the meagre public resources for doing no work at all. Surely what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

By all means Mr.Sata may have invariably rendered himself as a proper ghost worker who should be removed from the pay-roll as his immediate whereabouts still remain a mystery save for a few stranded cluster of cronies claiming and exploiting the power vacuum by using his visual still pictures to continue earning a living through false pretenses and misrepresentation of facts. We think the dominant question should be when will this game really stop?

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