Sata is now man of hiding, not action- HH, Dr. Banda tell Vubwi residents

Sata is now man of hiding, not action- HH, Dr. Banda tell Vubwi residents


HH addressing rallies in Vubwi

HH salutes traditional dancers

HH addressing rally in Vubwi Eastern province

HH addressing rally in Vubwi Eastern province


Zambians made a huge mistake in electing a bunch of deceitful and manipulative characters in 2011 and it was time we reversed the situation by putting a more responsible government led by the UPND, said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking when he addressed a series of meetings in Vubwi Constituency by-election campaigns in Eastern province, Hichilema said making a mistake was normal, but God will not forgive the people of Zambia if they made the same mistake again.

“Yes we should agree we made a mistake voting for the current characters in government based on lies. They have neglected you as farmers here. They told you they will be giving you 15 bags of fertilizer as farmers. Now they have not only failed to honour the promise, but even the little fertilizer they give you comes very late,” Mr. Hichilema told the crowd mainly in local Chewa language.

The UPND leader is drumming up support for the UPND Vubwi constituency candidate Alfonso Phiri in the forth-coming September 11 by-election.

Hichilema said it was painful that farmers were walking long distances to maize depots and the price of most agriculture produce has remained static for a long time.

“We in UPND are farmers and we know what you go through to grow crops. We want a situation where you can know the price of agriculture produce for the next season even before planting. That way you would be in a position to plan properly and decide how much you want to plant. But we have people in government who cannot even distinguish between basal and top dressing fertilizer. Mr. Sata and his team cannot even distinguish between beans and maize seeds,” Hichilema told the cheering crowds.

He said the only thing the PF knew were buying pangas and making coffins to beat each other and other innocent citizens.

The UPND called for peaceful campaigns and elections though he was aware that the PF had again imported thugs from Lusaka to intimidate the communities.

“In Lusaka we call PF Panga Family because of their violent and thuggery behaviour. Here you them Paya Farmers. For us in UPND pangas, machetes, and axes are useful tools in fields for agricultural purposes. But in PF, pangas are for injuring and killing each other all the time. They also use pangas for making coffins against each other, which is very unAfrican,” he said.

And UPND vice-president Canisius Banda told the people of Eastern province to lead the way in the coming by-elections.

Dr. Banda who is part of the UPND campaign team in Eastern province said it would be a very sad day if the people of Eastern province remained behind on the revolution currently sweeping across the country.

“This time, as people of Eastern province, we should show Zambians that we opened the doors for good and energetic leadership by voting for the UPND. We cannot continue along a path where the country is operating on auto-pilot. We elected Mr. Sata and his PF but he has decided to hibernate. He is hiding from you people. I guess he has no more lies to tell you. He is no longer man of action, but man of hiding,” Dr. Banda told the crowd.

Dr. Banda warned the people that the PF were also in the area with lots of stolen money, cheap cell-phones, and all sorts of gifts.

“They are coming with stolen money. Get it and chew it. Thank God they are the ones that taught us the ‘donchi kubeba’ slogan so during voting you vote for this hard working young man who is part of you. We listened to you that this is the young man you wanted and please don’t disappoint us in the coming by-elections. You chew their money. It is your money they have stolen to come and dupe you again,” said Dr. Banda in deep Chewa language.

He said he was also aware that they were scheming other electoral malpractices such as forming fake women’s clubs and other social amenities using government resources.

He wondered where the PF had been all this time for them to realize that the people of Vubwi were only important during a by-elections.

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