Sata is only popular in the Post newspaper-Kunda

VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda has said Patriotic Front president Michael Sata has remained unpopular and cannot win an election in Western Province because of his alliance with The Post newspaper.

And the Vice-President has dismissed the PF manifesto as a replica of the MMD and United Party for National Development (UPND) documents.

Mr Kunda said in Kaoma on April 18 that Mr Sata is not popular in Western Province and his popularity is only in The Post newspaper.

He was speaking when he addressed a mammoth rally at Kaoma airstrip.

“At some polling stations in Western Province, Mr Sata has been getting zero votes, and how can he all of a sudden become popular in Western Province? The only problem we have in Zambia is one private newspaper’s agenda of trying to sell MrSata who is their hopeless candidate,” Mr Kunda said.

He said he was just referring to the past records of the newspaper about what it used to write about Mr Sata.

Mr Kunda said in its desperate campaign for MrSata, the publication has been manufacturing lies about President Banda and his government on a daily basis.

The Vice-President said recently, the same newspaper lied to the nation that Mr Banda and himself are not wanted in Western Province.

He said the thunderous welcome he received at Kaoma airstrip yesterday had proved the newspaper wrong.

Mr Kunda said only President Banda has the vision for Western Province, and already his administration is implementing some programmes that are contained it the Sixth National Development Plan.

He said the MMD will easily win this year’s elections because it is a strong and well organised party.

Mr Kunda said Mr Sata has come out in the open to support sinful acts such as homosexuality, which is against Zambia’s declaration as a Christian nation.

“I know that certain media get worked up each time we condemn homosexuality because they want to turn Zambia into Sodom and Gomorrah, where people will start living in sin as some of them do,” he said.

The Vice-President urged the MMD to work hard and reclaim the parliamentary seats currently held by the opposition

Mr Kunda urged the people of Kaoma to be united across tribes and live as one people.

He said Government is aware that the province has given sanctuary to refugees running away from turmoil in their countries, and that is why it is committed to ensuring that peace and security prevails in the region for the prosperity and safety of the people.

Earlier, MMD Western Province provincial chairperson Simasiku Namakando said the ruling party is ready for this year’s elections.

“As you can see, we are ready for the battle ahead of us, and those who are saying the PF is strong in the province are just cheating themselves. They are jumping back and forth from UPND to PF and are very few,” Mr Namakando said.

He assured Mr Kunda that people of Western Province will not experiment with leadership, but will rally behind Mr Banda and the MMD so that more development programmes can be implemented.

And Mr Kunda has said the PF manifesto is a plagiarised document from the MMD and UPND.

Mr Kunda said in Kaoma on April 18 the PF just copied ideas from the MMD and UPND.

He described the PF manifesto as a utopian document.

“The PF is saying it will increase budgetary allocations to all sectors of the economy, but their manifesto has not indicated where this money will come from,” Mr Kunda said.


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