Sata is president by default – Fr Bwalya

Outspoken Catholic Priest Father Frank Bwalya has charged that President Michael Sata is president by default.

Speaking when he featured on 5FM’s ‘The Burning Issue’ this morning, Fr Bwalya says President Sata became president because Zambians wanted to get rid of the MMD at all costs because of the sufferings they were subjected under President Rupiah Banda’s leadership.

Fr Bwalya says Zambians were prepared to vote for President Sata despite the smear campaign by the MMD based on his past political history.

He says had someone else taken over from within the MMD after the death of former president Levy Mwanawasa and done a good job, President Sata would not have been president by now.

And Fr Bwalya who appeared to have toned down his criticism of the PF says he still supports the ruling party and President Michael Sata.

He says he is forming a political party as another way of supporting the PF through constructive criticism.

He says the best way to support the PF is by providing checks and balances so that they deliver on the promises they made to the Zambian people.

And Fr Bwalya has advised President Sata to stop associating himself with people like National Revolution party president Cosmo Mumba because people will not take him seriously.

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