Sata is sick and must not work very much, says relative and PS

A close member of President Michael Sata’s has appealed to the Head of State to cut down the amount of political activities he is engaged in.

Chanda Kasolo who is also Luapula Province Permanent Secretary said in an interview that the first family is concerned that President Sata’s renewed political activities might put a strain on his health.

Mr Kasolo said the family is delighted to have President Sata back on the campaign trail but cautioned that the Head of State needs to limit his engagements.

“Problem with His Excellency is that he is a workaholic, at 77 he still works as hard, you know that he still maintains his office at Farmers House and he continues to work even late hours to run this country and that can be strenuous,” Mr Kasolo said.

“As a family, we are elated to have him cone out a lot more in public and campaign for the party and launch all these development programmes but we should realize that he is aging and he might not have the same level of energy as he used to so we need to factor that in.”

Mr Kasolo said the re-appearance of President Sata in public has shamed all those that wished his poor health.

“It is interesting that all those that pronounced him dead are now embarrassingly quiet. I find it shameful that people can be so evil and pronounce someone dead even before God makes a decision on one’s life.”

Mr Kasolo said the determination by President Sata to change the infrastructure landscape of the nation is what keeps him going.

He said President Sata is determined to ensure that Zambia’s infrastructure undergoes massive upgrade before vacates State House.

Mr Kasolo noted that it would be unfair to expect Mr Sata to be healthy and physically active as he used to be in his days as a fire brand politician.

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