Sata is somewhere reflecting alone after hard work- Sakeni

The ruling PF government has said that there is no need to speculate about the whereabouts of President Michael Sata as he is safe ‘somewhere’ and in good.

A number of people have been questioning on the whereabouts of the president since the Watchdog revealed that the president never arrived in the country but proceeded for secret medication in Europe and India.

Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has said the president needs time to reflect and have a peace of mind after working so hard alone in a secret location. Sakeni was speaking on ZNBC news Saturday evening.

It is the first time a PF official has discussed President Sata’s absence following a media propaganda that was organised to deceive Zambians the Head of State had returned when he had been flown out for treatment.

The PF government has failed to disclose the whereabouts of President Sata who has disappeared after leaving the Africa Union Summit in Ethiopia last.

Sakeni said there is no need to panic because there was an Acting President in place and that it is unnecessary to speculate about the whereabouts of President Sata.

Sakeni could not even disclose when President Sata will be back only saying he will be back in the country shortly.

The actions of the PF government on the missing president maybe the first time a sitting Head of State disappears from public without people knowing.

Meanwhile the Watchdog understands that there are plans to sneak in Sata from where he is even though he is in bad shape.

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