Sata is taking our party into potentially lethal direction

Dear editor,

I am a PF member since 2001 the time we broke away from the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD). However, I should state that I have never been disappointed in the conduct of our party leadership as I’m today.

It is really embarrassing and distressing to see the kind of leadership the big man, President Michael Sata is exercising.

I think we have a leadership vacuum both as a party and as a nation a fact that many PF members know but cannot address lest you are fired. The leadership vacuum is caused by the fact that enhancing leadership skills are not on the big man’s radar.

The shameful infightings in our party today are “people problems”. I’m concerned that if the big man does not change his leadership style, he will soon destroy the party.

The leadership vacuum is caused by the big man’s lack of decisive leadership qualities. He is carelessly putting top and reliable members at loggerheads.

If the big man was a decisive leader, the infightings Kabimba is fueling in the party would not be tolerated.

The big man is taking our party in potentially lethal directions. He is quickly squandering cadre loyalty and an erosion of any competitive advantage in future. Many people have seen how chaotic, disordered and anarchic we can be and this will make it hard to face-lift the party for future elections.

I strongly feel that the big man is a strong leader in a wrong way for he does not know that it is important to make decisions in a thoughtful but timely way.

As a decisive leader you cannot allow infighting among your ministers. This is making party cadres and the public find it hard to trust their leaders and have confidence in the future of both the party and nation.

It is a sign of leadership vacuum to be ambiguous in one’s dealings with people you lead. The big man’s silence on Kabimba’s dirty games is not good for the party.

Infighting can cause big problems. Some ministers will soon start hatching secrete agendas and re-align their goals. We will end up having ministers who are only interested in getting salaries and not care about delivering on their mandate.

We all know what happens when ministers only care about their salaries and not the party or nation’s viabilities! Their hidden agendas may supersede those of the party or nation and they can never be development.

How I wish the big man knew that the infightings he is devising are undermining party solidarity. He is also jeopardizing the party’s image and reputation.

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