Sata is Tanzanian, reveals Shikapwasha

Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha has challenged Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata to disclose his true nationality.

Lt. Gen Shikapwasha alleged that the PF leader was not a Zambian national but a Tanzanian.

General Shikapwasha was reacting to former diplomat Milton Phiri who was questioning President Rupiah Banda’s nationality.

Gen Shikapwasha said Mr Sata was not born in Zambia but only came in the country when he was nine years old.

He said Mr Sata’s nationality was also confirmed by former chairperson for the defunct United Taxis and Transport Association(UTTA) Willie Nsanda in November 2001 when the now Chimwemwe PF Member of Parliament(MP) told the nation that the PF leader had told him that he (Sata) was actually a Tanzanian.

On November 15, 2001, Mr Nsanda was quoted in the Times as having said Mr Sata told him that he was a Tanzanian whose name was Zondwa and that he was just using the name Chilufya as an alias.

This was when Mr Sata approached Mr Nsanda shortly after he lost his bid for the MMD presidency, to organise 600 youths at the stations to cause a riot around Zambia after which the two would have run into Mbeya District in Tanzania where Mr Sata had promised to help Mr Nsanda to have his identity changed just like he had been using Chilufya as an alias name instead of Zondwa, which was his Tanzanian name.

Gen Shikapwasha, who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister, has since challenged The Post newspaper to instead tell the nation about the true nationality of Mr Sata.

“Mr Sata did not hail from Chitulika Village in Mpika District because he only went there when he was young.

The Post should write about Mr Sata, do they know where he was,” he said.Gen Shikapwasha said President Banda had never hidden anything about his place of birth and has since challenged The Post newspapers to instead focus on knowing the true nationality of Mr Sata which they have not written about.

Gen Shikapwasha has since urged Zambians to take Mr Nsanda’s revelation about Mr Sata’s nationality, seriously especially that Mr Nsanda maintained his statement even when the PF leader attempted to deny it.

“It is Mr Nsanda who is now PF MP who told the nation in 2001 that Mr Sata was actually a Tanzanian who was just using Chilufya as an alias name instead of his Tanzanian name, Zondwa.

This is a revelation which should be taken seriously,” he said.
And New Generation Party (NGP) president Humphrey Siulapwa said Mr Phiri was a frustrated person and had now decided to malign the president by calling him a foreigner.

Mr Siulapwa said on several occasions, Mr Phiri had requested him to link him up with President Banda but that nothing had come forth, hence the frustration.

He urged Zambians to be wary of politicians underplaying the development in the country just because they had personal hatred for president Rupiah Banda and his Government.

Mr Siulapwa said it was clear for all to see that the country had recorded remarkable development in the last 10 years as could be seen by enormous development projects countrywide.

Mr Siulapwa said during a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that schools were being built in all the districts a move that had angered prophets of doom who were now saying that there were no teachers to teach in the school which were under construction.

“Politicians who are anti-President Banda are underplaying the development going on in the country.

I want to inform the young people that the development going on in this country is real.

If you compare where we are coming from in the last 10 years, you can see that we are moving forward and it is unfortunate that some people are underplaying the development taking place,” he said.

“Development in our view is gradual, with good policies in the long run people will appreciate this development,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Siulapwa has taken a swipe at people who are saying that prominent people are now supporting Mr Sata.Mr Siulapwa wondered how people like Ludwig Sondashi, Rodger Chongwe and Mbita Chitala could be considered to be prominent.

He said it was sad that Panji Kaunda the son to the First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda was still bitter that the MMD ended the era of the UNIP government.

He said Dr Kaunda who was wiser and with a lot of love for the nation had shown his support for President Banda.


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