Sata is too greedy to reduce his salary – Black Friday Campaigners

Sata is too greedy to reduce his salary – Black Friday Campaigners

The Black Friday Campaigners and the Grand Coalition on the Demand for the release of the People Driven Constitution say Zambians should stop asking President Michael Sata to reduce his salary because they are wasting their time.

Interim Spokesperson for Black Friday Campaign Guess Nyirenda told the Watchdog that ‘it is wishful thinking and daydreaming for anyone to think that President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) Government would reduce their salaries and allowances like the Kenyan leadership. He said Zambians leaders are ‘hell bent to enrich themselves’.

‘In fact it is like trying to squeeze blood or milk from a stone. This is a government that increased their salaries about three (3) times in the space of two (2) years while heartlessly removing subsides from both fuel and maize condemning the Zambians that voted them into power to abject poverty,’ Nyirenda said.

He asked: ‘if the PF government has clearly and in no uncertain terms rejected to facilitate the delivery of the People Driven Constitution which is meant to ensure good governance, equal resource distribution, fair and level playing field in the electoral process, transparency and accountability and poverty eradication among others, what would make anyone think that these self-centered leaders will emulate the Kenyan leadership and reduce their salaries?’

Nyirenda said the Black Friday Campaigners would like to urge members of the public and all Zambians to prepare for serious hardships that they have not seen in their lifetime while holding on to their hope and preparing to choose a leadership that will be servants who will listen to them and develop the country together.

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