Sata keeps tossing and shifting his ministers again

Ailing dictator president Michael Sata, in hiding wherever he is, has again moved Obvious Mwaliteta as Lusaka province deputy minister to be the minister for Central province less than a month since he was moved from Western province.

Mr. Mwaliteta who has been minister in Southern, Lusaka, Western and now Central province is among those that are frequently being tossed around even before they settle to work in any office.

It is even difficult to imagine how wives and children are coping with the frequent movements of Mr. Sata’s ministers and Permanent Secretaries, perhaps only concubines and prostitutes are benefiting from all this as a normal human being cannot keep luggage in the vehicle throughout.

Phillip Kosamu of Central province now moves to Lusaka in the same capacity, something that will not even make any difference.

For now you must all keep your luggage packed for the next destination.

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