Sata kicks out head of State House intelligence

Sata kicks out head of State House intelligence

President Michael Sata has chased State House Head of Intelligence Peter Mushitu.

And all the Police Commissioners do not know if they will have jobs in the next few months as their contracts expire.

Just before he left for Europe last week, Sata summoned Mushitu to his office and accused him of being loyal to former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba. He told him that he had been having dark-corner meetings with Mwamba.

Despite protestations on innocence, Sata ordered the man who carries very sensitive information to leave State House. But security sources told the Watchdog that there was no basis to the accusations as Sata is just paranoid nowadays.

Sources say Sata has so far fired 10 aides-decamp from the time he assumed office less than three years ago.

‘The President has since assuming office had over ten aide camps owing to his usual bad temper due to his health. Just last week he was supposed to be accompanied by the first Lady Christine Kaseba but she could not travel owing to the president’s abusive language,’ sources explained.

‘He had a Mr Bwanga as aide camp, he dropped him; he had a Mr Shula, he dropped him, he had Mr Kapeso dropped him and so on and so on. The leader is abusive and as his officers we can’t wait for 2016,’ said one source.

And the contracts of all police commissioners including those in charge of provinces will expire in the next few months each depending on the actual day they were appointed.

comm‘President Sata gave all commissioners of Police 3 years contracts. This is to ensure all those provincial police commissioners who do not toll PF party lines can easily have their contracts terminated,’ explained sources.

Sources say the police commissioners are currently fighting to have their contracts renewed and this they do by bootlicking and showing that they are PF cadres.

‘This is a deliberate ploy to ensure any Commissioner who becomes professional will have the contract not renewed.

‘The big man campaigned against casualization and employing people on Contracts but is the worst culprit, said another source.

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