Sata knew ruling on Vubwi hence the early campaigns

President Sata was privy to the Supreme Court ruling on parliamentary by-elections in Vubwi hence the early campaigns he launched last week. The Supreme Court is this morning expected to deliver ruling on whether former Vubwi and Zambezi East Members of Parliament Eustacio Kazonga and Charles Kakoma respectively are eligible to re-contest their seats.
According to information reaching the Zambian Watchdog, President Sata had advance information from his relative the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.
” The President was told that the ruling on Vubwi and Zambezi will be on Tuesday 17, December 2013. He is in constant touch with Madam Chibesakunda.He is also aware of the verdict though I’m not able to tell you because I do not know. All I know is that the President had advance information. The ruling will be today at 09 hours’ the source said.
The source said the supreme court may also in the coming days rule on Malambo, Mulobezi and Petauke Central so that all the by-elections take place at the same time in order to give pressure on the opposition.
“The plan is to have Malambo, Petauke Central, Vubwi, Mulobezi, Zambezi East, Solwezi Central all go for by-elections at the same time so that the opposition is under pressure they may actually even wait for the Kasenengwa seat to be nullified. Chibesakunda has really messed up the judiciary.” the source said.

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