Sata launches MMD’s Chalimbana road project ahead of Feira by-election

President Michael Sata today launched the 61 kilometres multi million Kwacha rebased Chalimbana-Lwimba-Katoba road project in Chongwe district of Lusaka province that was initiated by the MMD government.

The project which is the brain child of MMD and Rupiah Banda has also been coopted under the now renamed Sata’s link Zambia 8,000.

The road will link Chongwe district via Kafue to Chirundu and Luangwa districts respectively.

Speaking during the launch which was at the junction of Chongwe and Chalimbana road, President Sata said investors can only be wooed to do business in Zambia if the road network is improved.

President Sata said the launch of the Chalimbana-Lwimba-Katoba road project was important for attracting investment to Chongwe district.

Mr. Sata, whose government has also been hurriedly implementing projects in areas where there are by-elections, recalled that in the past, road development projects were associated with election campaigns.

He however cheated that his government would develop the country’s road network even when there was no looming election, yet there is an election in that area in Feira Constituency.

And in his comical drama of delivering speeches, President Sata has said many people have suffered complications as result of dusty emanating from gravel roads.

He has since directed the Road Development Agency (RDA) to ensure that roads in Chongwe district were tarred.

He said Lusaka province should start developing eastwards so as to open up Chongwe to development.


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