Sata launches website

The Patriotic Front has launched a website ahead of this year’s general elections.
The site, contains the party manifesto and constitution in PDF format.
The site also provides some information about party president Michael Sata.
The site explains why the party broke away from the ruling MMD.
Part of the statements on the site says, “PF – is today the largest opposition party in Zambia. Indeed the 2011 elections are expected to show that its support base is larger than that of the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy – MMD.
Like several other parties the PF was born out of the partial disintegration of the MMD in 2001, when then President Frederick Chiluba delayed choosing a successor as part of his “third term” bid. He sought to change the Constitution of Zambia to allow him to have a third (and perhaps ultimately a fourth) five-year term of office. Chiluba eventually capitulated to intense public pressure and contrived the appointment as MMD presidential candidate of the unpopular retired former Vice-President Levy Mwanawasa.
This led to an exodus from MMD by leaders who were better qualified than Mwanawasa in terms of service to the party and popularity with the electorate.
The most senior formed their own political parties, there being no time to establish a unified “movement”.

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