Sata leaked the Rupiah Banda story to his friend Fred Mmembe

Sata leaked the Rupiah Banda story to his friend Fred Mmembe

Sources within the Zambia Security intelligence circles and some Post newspaper reporters have confirmed that there were no Post newspaper reporters that were positioned at the South African High Commission offices that took the pictures of former president Rupiah Banda getting into the premises.
Some Post newspaper reporters have told the Watchdog that no one had been told of the impeding visit in the newsroom but the whole story and pictures were just taken to them by president Michael Sata’s intelligence services to embarrass the South African government and its president Jacob Zuma.
And sources close to the former president say Mr. Banda was actually phoned at short notice to go the South African African High Commission offices and that all his close aides were not aware of the programme because it was at short notice.
Sources say it was now clear that the Zambian government has tapped the phone lines for all the key diplomats and personalities in Zambia and are passing on the information to Post newspaper owner and editor Fred Mmembe and the clique holding Mr. Sata hostage comprising justice minister Wynter Kabimba, DPP Mutembo Nchito, and Finance Banka owner Rajan Mathani who have literally assumed the Zambian presidency by default.

Some Post newspaper reporters said they were also shocked to have seen the story their boss Mmembe gave them and that even if the story carries the name of the reporter, the journalists did not know anything at all.

And a cross-section of Zambians interviewed over the story and Post editorial said it was shameful that Zambians in 2011 elected the PF to rule Zambia but have handed over their sovereign powers to a newspaper Editor Fred Mmembe and his clique of criminals.

“Why should President Rupiah Banda start getting authority from The Post in order to meet anyone in or outside Zambia? Rupiah Banda’s case is now in court and we should respect the legal system. It is therefore not acceptable for the Editor of the Post Newspaper to start appointing himself as a jury in this matter. We all know that, the Post Editor is an interested party in this matter and can never be a fair jury the matter,” said one Kalingalinga resident.

One former freedom fighter wondered where Mmembe was when Rupiah Banda and some of senior citizens were risking their lives to fight for the political freedom of Southern Africa ?

“Where was Mmembe when Rupiah Banda and the Mashekes of this world were risking being bombed by apartheid South Africa by hosting the leaders of ANC, SWAPO and Frelimo?

President Banda built his relationship with the ANC, SWAPO and Frelimo when Mmembe was in primary school. Mmembe, and his Post never contributed to the liberation of South Africa. Rupiah Banda did and that is why the South Africans will always respect him,” the freedom fighter said.

He said the South Africans know who their real comrades are and do not need Mmembe, a fake “comrade” to lecture them about who their friends are.

“Mumembe calls himself a “comrade” these days. Does he know what that term means ? It is not a title people just give themselves -it is earned. Those of use who did fight for the liberation of Southern Africa and lost many of our friends never use the term “comrade” as a decoration.

Now that we know that the Editor of the Post Newspaper wants to declare himself a “de-facto President of Zambia”, someone must warn him that, he will pay a very high price when the PF government is voted out of power,” he said.

He said Mmembe will need South Africa one day when the tables turn. He is better keeping his books clean with the neighboring countries – he may need these countries when things turn sour for him and all his current friends in the ruling party desert him.

Kaunda and FTJ thought they were very powerful people and untouchable, where are they today, Kaunda should by now have learnt a lesson not to be on the wrong side of the Zambian people.

He said Mmembe may think he is powerful today and will be shocked when President Sata leaves office. Zambians will not only demand their money back, but will ensure that the Editor and all Post journalist will be made to account for what they have said about the Zambian people.

“Just as the Post is watching President Banda’s every movement, the Zambia people are watching every word said by the Editor of the Post. Time of reckoning will come very soon,” he said.

Yesterday, Sata’s friends at the Post newspaper cheated Zambians that they positioned their reporters to check on Rupiah Banda’s entrance to the South African High Commission. See story here

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