Sata lifts Sichinga’s secrecy oath to implicate RB

Sata lifts Sichinga’s secrecy oath to implicate RB


‘judas’ Samakayi with his wife and RB

Dictator Michael Sata has lifted former State House Chief of Staff Austin Sichinga’ secrecy of office oath. This is to enable Sichinga testify against former president Rupiah Banda.

All State House aides are under an oath of secrecy for 25 years from the time they leave office.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that Sata gave Sichinga a letter freeing him from the oath than banned him from speaking about information that came into his knowledge while he worked at State House.

Sichinga and former chief of state protocol Bob Samakai are the only two former aides who have agreed to betray the former president.

The two, Sichinga and Samakayi are currently under police investigations for illegally acquiring huge tracts of land in Nansanga farming block. A police source says the state will drop these investigations once the two have testified against Mr Banda.

But former Attorney-General Abyud Shonga has reportedly refused to be used by the PF against the former president. The ‘recruiting’ team reported that Shonga is hostile.

Sichinga has been meeting DPP Mutembo Nchito to rehearse what he will say in court.

Samakayi is currently the PF government ambassador to Canada while Sichinga has been promised to go to Italy.

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