Sata likens Lamba women to ‘ifinkubala’, their men to ‘ba kaili’

Sata likens Lamba women to ‘ifinkubala’, their men to ‘ba kaili’

Mpongwe residents feel insulted with president Michael Sata’s language during the rally yesterday.

Mr. Sata who mainly spoke in his native Bemba language also humiliated former MP now PF candidate Gabriel Namulambe for lucky of development in the area.

Where we come from we say, Nga waupa umwanakashi elo after six months taleya ukuchulu ukutola iloba kulanda ati awe mpeniko umbi. (if you marry a woman and after six months she does not get pregnant then marry someone else).

“You have been an MP for some years now, but you have nothing to show. The school which is here was build by the Catholics while the hospital was built by the baptists church. Show us what you built yourself here. No wonder you joined PF so that there can be development,” Mr. Sata said.

“Look at the men here, they all look like bakaili (prisoners) while these Lamba women look like vinkubala (caterpillars). The few beautiful looking women here I came with them from Kitwe, said Mr. Sata in reference to some PF women cadres transported from Copperbelt urban in Marco polo buses.

“You should be like me who is action oriented and left a mark wherever I worked. If you go to Kabwata where I was MP, you can point at something. If you go to Mpika, you will find good roads,” Mr. Sata said.


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