Sata likens striking nurses to garden boys, maids

President Michael Sata has told Mansa residents that the striking workers country wide are like garden boys and house girls who must not order the master (government) what to do.

“But if you want to make shortcuts, we as government we have everything at our disposal; we have the police we have the courts so if we want to make shortcuts we can make shortcuts and enjoy the shortcuts, it is not black mail. We have a garden, you have a house girl, do they tell you what to do? When we as government strike, we strike one way not like them,” said Sata.

In the two years of PF government, Sata has not held any press conference to address the nation on many issues but went to Mansa to address people on Radio Yangeni in what he called a thanks giving speech to the Mansa people for voting for Dr. Chitalu Chilufya in the recently held Mansa central by election. Dr. Chitalu has since been appointed deputy minister of health.

Sata also said the promise of free education was just used while the PF was in opposition but now cannot implement it because it is costly.

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