Sata lobbying to split Zambia through Barotseland agreement-House of chiefs

THE House of Chiefs has condemned Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata for allegedly lobbying the British government to help to reinstate the disbanded Task Force on Corruption in Zambia.

House of Chiefs chairperson Chief Madzimawe said in an interview yesterday that such acts of desperation are not good.

The chief said it is surprising that Mr Sata went to lobby for the reintroduction of the Task Force on Corruption when he knows very well that there are existing structures in the country which adequately deal with cases of corruption.

He said what Mr Sata should be doing is to call on donors to financially assist existing structures such as the Drug Enforcement Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Zambia Police.

During his recent visit to London, Mr Sata is alleged to have also sought support to split Zambia through the Barotseland Agreement.

“The motives behind Mr Sata’s actions are difficult to understand. The House of Chiefs has preached over and over that politicians should talk about issues, but this seems to fall on deaf ears,” Chief Madzimawe said.

On the Barotseland Agreement, Chief Madzimawe said even Mr Sata himself, if elected President, would not like to inherit a split country.

He said seeking this kind of support is not beneficial to Zambia.

“We are a unitary state and calls for the secession of Western Province must be dismissed,” he said.

Independent Churches of Zambia president David Masupa said Mr Sata’s trip to the UK is regrettable.

He said it is not right for a leader of a political party to lobby for such kind of support from former colonial masters who have recognised Zambia as a sovereign state.

Reverend Masupa said most people will recall that Mr Sata was against the Task Force and called it an illegal body which practised selective justice.

“Mr Sata is showing citizens that he is not a serious leader and the British government must begin to see this and ignore him,” Rev Masupa said.

He said it has now become clear that Mr Sata is desperate for power and will go to any lengths to try to assume power.

“He has shown that he does not care about the people of Western Province by calling for it to be separated from Zambia,” he said.

Rev Masupa said the MMD is a responsible Government which cannot allow Zambia to be split into two.

He said Western Province is part of Zambia and this is the reason Government has initiated several projects in the province.

Committee of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire said Mr Sata is a man of “double standards” who is on record as having labelled the Task Force an illegal institution.

Mr Chifire said the PF leader has shown that he has no leadership qualities and does not understand what it means to be a sovereign state.
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