Sata loses opinion poll to frog

President Michael Sata has lost an online, public opinion poll to a frog.
The Watchdog conducted a poll earlier on Monday on its Facebook page. The poll question was simply that; ‘If presidential polls were held today and there were only two candidates, Michael Sata and a Frog, whom would you vote for?
The first 960 entries showed that 571 people said they would vote for a frog.
216 said they would vote for current Zambian president Michael sata.
173 votes were rejected as they could not be counted as votes. They were just rumblings from PF cadres.
For example Kenny Mwila a PF cadre, instead of simply voting decided to say ‘didnt your mother ever taught you to show some respect for mankind. if you want be the watchfrog.”

Another PF illiterate Lovemore Mpubula said ‘i wil ansa u this way.admn, if i serve u nshima nd fieces,wat can u take or eat.remember that man was created in God’s image nd gvn authority over n creature here on earth.waitaya apapeve.’
But the majority over bloggers voted correctly and on the frog.
One said ‘chule bakamba!’ while another said ‘Frogie any day’.
‘A frog is better than Sata’ said another.

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