Sata made Kabimba in his own image

Sata made Kabimba in his own image

michaelBy Sity Mwitu

Many have celebrated the sacking, dropping, revoking, firing, terminating, departure or removal of the famous and all powerful Wynter Kabimba. These are some of the unpalatable words that have been used to describe the humiliating departure of Kabimba as PF Secretary General (SG) as well as Justice Minister.

The stage managed mockery and matching of alleged PF cadres in Lusaka, Copperbelt and Kasama to celebrate his departure actually shows one thing; Kabimba was very powerful. Who was Kabimba; he was just a no body in the PF. I know you may disagree with me; the truth is PF is Sata and Sata is PF.

When Sata formed PF, it was as a result of Chiluba’s preference for Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (May his soul rest in peace). As a result, Sata left MMD and formed the PF. So PF is a protest party.

When people are protesting, they become liars, arrogant and violent. Why Sata is PF and PF is Sata? PF has never held any formal convention in its political history except MMD and UPND, who at one time or the other may have managed in their political history, to taste what it means to hold a political convention, unlike many tutemba parties that are busy making noise and wasting people’s precious time.

In the formative stage of the PF, as a Protestor, Sata needed people that believed his character and politics of protest. He may have needed financial support, but this was the least in his mind. He needed people that would be vicious, arrogant and violent in their approach to politics as was the case of Chawama Pangas when Sata was still in MMD. Most of the pioneer members of PF did not match to the stakes that Sata had put on the PF table.

When Kabimba joined PF, life came to PF. I may not be preview to the details that led to Edward Mumbi’s resignation as PF Secretary General in 2001. But when Mumbi resigned, Sata had no iota of doubt in Kabimba to take over the position of PF SG.

At that particular time, many of his (Sata) tribesmen (Bembas), who are busy celebrating Kabimba’s downfall, were very repulsive to Sata’s type of politics. This was at the time when Sata’s image as a presidential material was negative. Remember Dr. Kaunda’s comment. People that considered themselves as educated and sane never wanted to associate themselves with Sata. Sata was called all sorts of names. No one had hoped that one day, PF would form government. Most of the people that are celebrating the downfall of PF SG today were still eating with MMD. To date, correct me if I am wrong, there is no record or mention that Kabimba was once MMD or UPND unlike most of the crooks that are denouncing Kabimba today, who have been jumping from one tree to another. Anyway we understand (Niba muselala kwaba). Kabimba did not meet his boss in PF; the two had a long working relationship together dating back to their days at the Lusaka City Council, may be even earlier that. When Kabimba asserted that Sata knew him more than his father, many scoffed at him. Kabimba meant what he said. It was this relationship bond that made easier for Sata to nurture and disciple him into his own (Sata’s) image. Kabimba believed that the working as well as the political bond that had been created between the two of them could not be broken by anything. Sata could have been vengeful, vicious, violent and tribalist with other people, but not with Kabimba. Sata stood for Kabimba in thick and thin and therefore, his dismissal was doubtful.

We must appreciate that the Chief Executive of any party needs to be loyal to the party president as well as the party that he or she is managing. The SG needs to be a very unique and of strong character not always giving to the demands of the followers. When nobody was there for Sata, he found a son, a friend, hope, a comrade and future in Kabimba. As a result, Sata poured himself (Mind, Soul and spirit) into Kabimba. Sata needed a strong man as a PF SG. What we having been seeing or what Kabimba had become was the making of Sata. Sata had seen himself in Kabimba and Kabimba had become Sata in all manner of ways.

Kabimba was discipled to fight and defend what PF stood for and believed in. Sata found strength and courage in Kabimba and together they curved a niche in the political land scape of Zambia, when MMD was still might and UPND as the formidable opposition. Even when the Post came on board to market and improve the image of both Sata and PF, PF had already established itself.
I want to take this rare opportunity to congratulate the resurrection of the Post. Welcome come back to life. With the resurrection of the Post, I thought, the three media houses that is the Zambian Watchdog that took over from the post’s stance and chose its own strategic target audience, the Daily Nation that was slowly curving itself in the fixed abode of the Post and the Post itself, would now team up like never seem before to champion the freedom of the peoples of Zambia. Unfortunately, the Daily Nation has chicken out and decided to become the enemy of the Post. I smell a rat here. Cold war has already emerged between the Daily Nation and the Post and the battle is vicious and hot. When the Post’s function was that of polishing and perfuming the rotten eggs of PF and selling them to the hungry Zambians, the Zambian Watchdog had unleashed unmatched weapons of mass destruction against the Post, which saw the Post wag its tail between its legs. Of late the Zambian Watchdog has remained mocking the Post despite being two different faces of the same coin now. I want to say to the Zambian Watchdog, everything has its turning point and the Post has come back home as is in the case of the Biblical Prodigal son. What make the Post to have the same heart beat as that of the Zambian Watchdog are the Post’s editorials.
Anyway, back to my discourse. It is factors like Kabimba and the Post that influenced all manner of people in Zambia to start believing in the PF. Even when Sata was still in hiding from the public, Kabimba was able to deliver Mangago to PF. All these people that are celebrating the downfall and are raising their voices in support of the humiliating removal of Kabimba are doing so because of the strong and fearless character of Kabimba and the Post, which had laid a better foundation for them. Therefore, the Post had every right to render unsolicited support for MCS despite the wrongs that he (Sata) might have committed, because Sata was the Post’s making. The Post understood the personal sacrifices Kabimba had paid for the PF to be where it is today. This was not a cheap investment. If you understand the heartbeat of the Post as revealed recently in their editorial comments, then you would be able to appreciate that such kind of friendship betrayal is unacceptable. Sata may be spared by the Post, this may be ok, but the minions and the tribal hyenas that were nothing when Sata was still struggling in the formative days of the PF to become the Republican President, may not be spared. It’s now game on. The K14 million and other debts that Fred Membe and his colleagues may owe the state are not my focus as of now because these were incurred through legally established companies and until the veil of incorporation is lifted, these legal entities remain liable to the state or to whosoever they owe the debt. Zambia is bigger than any person or company, justice can always be found if proven so in the courts of law. My argument is for us to look at the big picture; the humiliation and celebration of the downfall of Kabimba. Maybe none of us have noticed what has been happening from the time Kabimba was fired, which is a prophecy of the down fall of PF. If you are able to follow events, you would have noticed that from the time Kabimba was fired, MCS had not option, but to come out of hiding against all odds. The stress that is being heaped on MCS by the people, who claim to love him or his tribesmen against his health status, is what may claim his life. Was the Post right in its assertion that the President’s life was at risk? Why, because the President’s strongman, Kabimba has been removed. Sata was at home with Kabimba in the fore front as the image of the party, but now that Kabimba is no more, MCS has to appear against all odds. Things are no longer the same in PF. If you are wise, you will agree with me; the case of the Arab spring. Just look at the Arab countries that managed to remove their strong men unceremoniously and in humiliating way, where are they today; they have no peace, but wars. They celebrated not only the removal, but also the killing of some of their strong men and the question is what they are doing to each other today, they are now killing each other. Time is a good story teller.
It is from this gist, that given the absence in public of the president in the previous months, Kabimba had to do what he was taught to do and that is to protect the PF, because many scavengers and wolfs in nationalist skin and yet thriving on tribalism, had invaded the party and where now in influential positions basically on tribal basis and not substance. Therefore, those celebrating the removal of Kabimba are actually celebrating the downfall of Sata. I am totally convinced that Sata did not act on his free will. If at all it was either the free will or the decision of Sata to remove Kabimba, then Kabimba’s celebration would be the most vivid in all the corners of the nation. Kabimba will laugh the loudest. Money cannot be equated to the stature and character of Sata, but Kabimba was. What a loss? No matter what PF will do whether they have the money and are in influential government positions or not, PF will begin to experience difficulties winning any election in the near future. They may have managed to remove Kabimba as PF SG and relieved him of his government portfolio in shame, but his departure will have untold misery on PF. One can easily be fooled to say without Kabimba, PF has managed to scope three seats out of the five just ended parliamentary bye elections. I want to state that Kabimba was not a liability, but an asset to PF. Only a fool will believe when told that a King is wearing his clothes when in fact, he is walking naked. Prophets of doom and failure that have been saying PF will emerge as a new party after the departure of Kabimba, are not just lying, but also fooling themselves. The impact of Kabimba’s departure from the file and rank of PF may be negligible now, but 2016 is just around the corner.

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