Sata makes another brief public appearance, his health top agenda

President Sata Katongo etc has told selected journalists, before a ‘cabinet’ meeting, that he is perfectly well and working normally, contrary to the speculation in some sections of the media.
He told selected journalists that he has not been evacuated to his village Mpika.

He did not explain why he would be evacuated to Mpika when there are only witchdoctors not specialist hospitals in Mpika.

Sata also said his ministers such as Chishimba Kambwili, Chipuba Mukanga were getting too fat, probably in comparison to himself.

Mr. Sata again tried to prove he was health and functioning normally in front of selected journalists shortly before a mock ‘Cabinet Meeting’ at State House which he did not even address or attend.

In a typical case of ‘keeping up appearances’, Mr. Sata called selected media personnel to State House to see how fit he was and to prove that he was in the country.

He accused some people of spreading rumours that he had been evacuated to India for medication.

Of course that was just another public relations stunt before a ‘mock Cabinet Meeting’ as Mr. Sata left shortly after journalists left the room.

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