Sata makes more silent but meaningless reshuffles

President Michael Sata has continued to quietly unsettle his ministers in a government where leaders are always being tossed around without even informing the nation.

At senior ministerial level, Sata again swapped Christopher Yaluma with Yanfwa Mukanga. Yaluma was removed from Communications and Transport and taken to Energy and Minerals Development.

At Junior ministerial level, Sata again transferred Obvious Mwaliteta from Western province to Lusaka province in the same capacity as deputy minister in an effort sources said is aimed at enhancing thuggery behaviour in the capital, the same reason that made PF lose elections in various parts of the country because of the actions of Judge Ngoma and others.

Ms Josephine Limata who is MMD Lumpa constituency Member of Parliament was taken from the Ministry of Gender while Freedom Sikazwe took over from her at Gender ministry.

The same Sata who tosses around people recently complained that his people were lazy to work, not sure how he expected them to deliver when they are very unsettled.

And some civil servants complained that the trend of ever changing leaders makes it difficult to operate because they keep inducting different people all the time.

“You find that by the time a Permanent Secretary or minister is about to know the job in a ministry, they are moved thereby starting afresh with new ones,” said the sources.

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