Sata, Masebo interfere in William Banda court case

Ailing dictator Michael Sata and renowned PF political thug Sylvia Murambiwa Masebo today interfered with court and have threatened witnesses with arrests if they dont testify against opposition UPND member William Banda in an assault case.

The case dates back to 2011 elections campaigns in Chongwe when Banda is alleged to have assaulted Andrew Lombe who has since withdrawn the case against him but police and court sources have disclosed to the Watchdog that Sata and Masebo want Banda jailed.

After some cross examinations by the defence lawyers, it was evident that the complainants were fabricating evidence and made a notice to withdraw the matter but police and court officials objected to the application and in turn a bench warrant was isuued against the compalinants and state witnesses.

Today the matter came before Lusaka Rodgers Kaoma but the witnesses did not turn up for the fourth time as aresult of their notice to withdraw the matter but magistrate Kaoma with apparent interference from Sata issued a bench warrant to arrest the state witnesses.

Speaking to the media after court, defence counsel Martha Mushipe observed with sadness that the state was trying to arrest its witnesses.
“We are saddened indeed as defence because this amounts to harrasment of a witness, just because these people (complainants) have decided that the matter be withdrawn now they have been issued with a bench warrant to be returned on 5th July, 2013,” said Mushipe.

The aged dictator’s  continued interfering with the judiciary at all levels from the local courts up through to the Supreme Court where he has even imposed an old relative with questionable background Lombe Chibesakunda as Chief Justice is worrying and has led to people losing faith in the courts.

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