Sata may finally be evacuated to India anytime

Sata may finally be evacuated to India anytime

Sata-CourtPresident Michael Sata may finally be evacuated to India for medication.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that State House officials are cracking their heads on how best to get the head of state out of the country without further fuelling the already strong speculation on his health.

Sata was supposed to be evacuated last week but sources say he was too fragile for a long haul flight to India or UK.

Instead, state house beefed-up the medical team at Sata ‘special’ hospital within state house. Military doctors were also called in and diagnosed him with dementia.

But government has maintained that the president is not sick but working normally and on Friday they showed pictures of him swearing in some new ambassadors.

Despite the public denials and public relations stunts, president Sata’s health has continued to deteriorate and the facilities at State House are proving to be unsuitable.

A decision has therefore been reached that he has to go to India but there is a problem on how to sneak him out.

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