Sata may have suddenly diverted to SA , Kabimba acting for one month

Sata may have suddenly diverted to SA , Kabimba acting for one month

President Michael Sata has given Wynter Kabimba power to act as president for one month, security officials have told the Watchdog.

Meanwhile, information reaching the Watchdog indicates that the plane carrying president Michael Sata may have changed destination to South Africa last night.

What is beyond doubt is that Sata left the country aboard a presidential Challenger plane on Friday night.

Government said nothing about the presidential trip but parallel information suggests that Sata was headed for UK or India via Dubai.

The presidential plane was supposed to take Sata to Dubai where he was supposed to get on another plane to proceed either to UK or India.

The presidential plane along with all planes from Zambia is banned from entering the European Union air space.

But sources say something may have happened (inside the plane) a few hours after take off and the president’s plane may have been forced to travel to South Africa instead or even return to Zambia.

As to what may have happened in the plane, the Watchdog will leave it out for now.

Meanwhile, president Sata’s son today June 21, 2014 had a very, very long, private meeting with acting president Wynter Kabimba.

Before Sata left, he handed over the instruments of power to Kabimba to act as president for one month.

When Sata was handing over power to Kabimba, he was in the presence of OP boss Martin Mwanambale and other security and defence officials.

The giving of Kabimba power for one month has raised some eyebrows as normally; the acting period is not specified.

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