Sata may just be sneezing, but is very well- Kabimba tells foreign media

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has finally added his voice to the growing speculation about president Michael Sata’s voice when he told e News Channel Africa that he has no doubt Sata was discharging his responsibilities very competently.

And NAREP president Elias Chipimo Jr has maintained that should there be a presidential vacancy, the nation should consider his proposal of an acting ‘neutral’ person for presidency until 2016 general elections.

In an interview Wednesday with e News Channel Africa’s senior reporter Kwangu Liwewe, Kabimba who is loitering in South Africa said “the true situation was what Zambians saw (in Sata’s face book page pictures) that he chaired the cabinet meeting very well.

According to Kabimba, who is among those in PF hoping the boss drops and get the presidency, he called his cabinet colleagues while in South Africa who told him the meeting went very well.

kabimba said Sata was entitled to some privacy.

“Should we be telling everybody in the high heavens when the president has a cold, that the president today is sneezing, not at all. The president is the repository of the image our country, the security of our country, the authority in our country. And I think that his office must be respected,” Kabimba said.

A Zambian based in South Africa, Daraam Simakungwe wondered why the state broadcaster ZNBC could not show the president speak in person other than merely showing still face book pictures. Simakungwe wondered why the Zambian president was running the country through face book.

Meanwhile, NAREP president Elias Chipimo jr has continued his unconstitutional proposal of immediately putting a so-called neutral person to finish Sata’s term of office until 2016.

Chipimo says there was tension in the country resulting from the silence surrounding the state of health of the president Sata.

“Speculation is mounting in people’s minds as to why the president has not been heard from directly, rather than through standard-issue photographs. Even the standard public swearing-in ceremonies seem to have been brought to an end. We are left to conclude that whatever is preventing the president from attending to his daily duties is serious and requires sober reflection on how we move forward as a nation from this point,” said Chipimo.

Chipimo said leading a country is more than merely chairing a cabinet meeting, but needed a health president with an eye fixed firmly on how to alleviate the many sufferings that ordinary Zambians are going through.

Meanwhile, at a time FDD leader Edith Nawakwi was urging people to stop talking about Sata’s health, FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza had just issued a statement calling on Sata to stop playing ‘hide and seek games’.

Mr. Mwanza said that the only responsible thing for the republican President to do is to hold a live national address and assure the nation that the country is not on autopilot as opposed to “photoshoping” on Facebook.

“Sata’s continued game of Hide and Seek is highest level of irresponsibility and a lack of courtesy and concern for his nation. With all these rumors and speculation about his health, the only responsible thing for him to do is to hold a LIVE national address to assure the nation that all is well and that the nation is not on autopilot. Photo shopping on Facebook shows the lack of seriousness on his part as leader of the nation.

“Mind you his continued game of Hide and Seek has economic bearing on the nation as it usurps investor confidence. Moreover, there are urgent constitutional functions like swearing in of the Attorney General and The Solicitor General that Sata has failed to perform.

“I think this comedy is now going out of hand. Sata has to realize that he is in-charge of a nation and its people therefore he has to provide leadership and stop this now you see me now you don’t game. As head of State in charge of the lives of all Zambians, it is totally unacceptable for him to be playing kabisha-bisha,” Mr. Mwanza said.

You can watch e News Channel Africa story on Sata’s health here

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