Sata maybe brought back despite still being sick

Two weeks after ailing dictator Michael Sata was evacuated to Israel, indicators are that he may be brought back into the country over the four days holiday.
Sata was evacuated to Israel unconscious more than two weeks ago. Last week on Thursday, Sata left Sheba Medical Center in the Tel Aviv city of Israel, according to one Israeli newspaper Haaretz. The Israeli newspaper said he is not in critical condition. Where he was taken from Sheba hospital, only his family and members of the Xavior Chungu led parallel intelligence knows.
But Sata’s absence has caused uncertainty and bickering in his PF regime such that a decision to bring him back despite his critical condition has been made.
Wynter Kabimba’s acting as president has been questioned and challenged by cabinet ministers and members of the public thereby causing instability to the country. Ministers have refused to attend cabinet meetings.
It is expected that once he returns, a number of critical decisions would be made.

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