Sata maybe evacuated in pretext of seeing his sick son abroad

Sata maybe evacuated in pretext of seeing his sick son abroad

State security agencies and State House may now evacuate president Michael Sata outside the country for his own medication in the pretext that he has gone to see his son Kazimu Sata who was involved in a near fatal road accident on Tuesday.

Highly placed intelligence and government sources say depending on president Sata’s health condition, government may now take advantage of the sick son in South Africa, and evacuate Sata himself for specialist treatment abroad.

Other sources even suspect the accident may have been stage-managed, and unlike other patients, Sata’s son may not even be in any worse condition than others left behind in critical condition.

“If you look at that vehicle, there were five people including the driver. Sata’s son is believed to have been seated in front with the driver who escaped unhurt. The major impact was on the passenger seats. So it is possible Kazimu escaped unhurt or with minor injuries than the other people at the impact of the accident on the vehicle,” security sources have disclosed.

“You know the old man came back prematurely from abroad after pressure and insecurity at home due to heightened speculation about his health. Of course he may not be as bad as earlier portrayed as he is now able to walk a few steps unaided. But he needed more treatment and stay abroad. But any movement now would have raised more speculation, but a perfect situation has now arisen where he can even get sympathies in the pretext of going to see his son who is officially sick,” sources said.

According to sources, it could be the reason why other accident victims were left behind because it would have meant all of them being in the same hospital abroad with their relatives.

“In intelligence and security matters, anything is possible including sacrificing one’s child to safeguard the presidency. In any case, who would suspect foul play on the president’s son who is equally guarded? As you guys reported, that was a brand new State House vehicle with new tires and in a convoy of other security officials. It was being driven by a highly trained evasive state security driver who could not have been drunk, and it was during daytime. So don’t rule out foul play with a view to save the father who needs urgent further treatment abroad,” sources said.

Sources say if the president were to leave now in the pretext of seeing the sick son, there would be less or no security instability, as everyone would understand that every father cares for his children.

“In fact, he can now be at liberty to miss any major local and international engagements in the pretext of nursing his injured son for a considerable period of time while he receives his own medication anywhere in the world,” intelligence and security sources said.

There has been a lot of pressure for Sata to come out in public since his disappearance almost one month ago.

His health condition remains a subject of public speculation and those say he is not in a position he can be brought out in public and pose for photos.

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