Sata might briefly appear at BY’s church service, God willing

Ailing dictator Michael Sata is today, at least, expected to appear in public at the burial of the man he made sure he died a pauper in South Africa Mr. Ben Mwila fondly known as BY.

Mr. Mwila, who died in South Africa early this week at former president Mr. Rupiah Banda’s cost, will be buried this morning at Leopards Hills memory park, a site chosen by his relatives who refused to be hoodwinked by Mr. Sata’s gestures to celebrate the corpse by wanting to bury him at the Embassy Park, a place meant for former presidents.

However, sources said if at all Mr. Sata happens to appear for funeral, it will just be for a short-time at church service and will not make it to the burial site like he has done for other people before, unless he forces himself after reading this article since he now only reads the Zambianwatchdog and makes decisions afterwards.

One of the first acts of Mr. Sata when he became president was to cancel BY’s duly awarded road contract for Landless Corner to Mumbwa road amounting to K80 billion and later demanded for a refund.

Mr. Sata further ordered arrest of BY’s wife over a cheque from the family’s account.

Family members said the former cabinet Minister in the Frederick Chiluba administration until he was hounded out by Mr. Sata, died of depression among others.

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