Sata mobilises military personnel to stop HH in Eastern province

Heavily armed police, military and Office of the President (OP) personnel from various parts of the country have been mobilised and are being airlifted to Eastern province where opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has caused commotion by holding very successful rallies and meetings.

Sources within the security wings have disclosed that ailing dictator Michael Sata has now ordered police and military personnel from Lusaka and Copperbelt to reinforce those that have been mobilised from all the districts in Eastern province with a view to literraly abduct the UPND leader and his entourage that includes his vice-president Dr. Canisius Banda.

“We have been ordered to abduct them and maim them big time. Teams have been assembled and will be airlifted in Zambia Airforce choppers from City Airport in Lusaka and some from Ndola. There will be blood-bath in Eastern province just mark our words. The reception HH received has really scared the PF and Mr. Sata and they are determined to end his meetings even with live gums as was the case in the morning in Mambwe District,” sources have revealed.

Mr. Hichilema has so far defied police ban on the holding of political meetings in the country as he has vowed to go ahead.

In the morning, riots broke-out at a place called Masumba in Mambwe District at a time Mr. Hichilema was still meeting chiefs and other traditional leaders in the area.

People started gathering as early 08:00 hours for the UPND meeting that was scheduled for 12:00 hours and police moved and started firing teargas and assaulted hundreds of innocent and defenceless citizens with some seriously injured with broken collar bone and taken to nearby kamoto mission hospital.

UPND officials also complained of being trailed by hordes of gun-welding police officers.

UPND vice-president has called on all citizens to come to the rescue of the nation because so that people’s basic liberties and freedoms of association can be restored.

“That we should not be free in our land is a national disgrace and a terrible existential tragedy that urgently needs to be corrected. “Tulebalomba ba Lesa ba sans umulopa bwabo apaliponse twakulanyanta”, he said.

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