Sata moves PS Zulu to Tourism as Masebo fires Mwansa

Sata moves PS Zulu to Tourism as Masebo fires Mwansa

charity_mwansa1Ailing Dictator Michael Sata has moved ministry of Energy permanent secretary George Zulu to the ministry of Tourism and Arts so as to clean the mess in the tourism created by minister Sylvia Masebo, a Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board member has said.

Other information gathered by the Watchdog show that hitherto PS for Tourism Charity Mwansa was removed by Masebo on Monday for nepotism.

Workers at the ministry of Tourism had reported her to Masebo for employing her daughter as tourism attaché to the US and nieces in several other positions in the ministry without following procedure.

“The daughter and nieces have no expedience what so ever in tourism.  But instead of being fired, she has just been taken to another ministry after Masebo complained to higher offices,’ said a ministry worker.

On the latest move, board member told the Watchdog that that paramount chief Mpezeni was instrumental in ensuring that Zulu goes to the ministry of Tourism as the traditional leader was equally upset that hunting in his area had been banned.

“You know Mpezeni is a good friend to the president and he has not been happy with Masebo for banning hunting. The chief is upset that he can’t benefit from hunting and so he has been pushing for changes at the ministry. In fact he wants Masebo out and now he has pushed one of his own, Zulu as PS,” said a ZAWA board member.

The board member said that there was no decision that the board could make as Masebo was bulldozing everything in ZAWA.

“I am just there because of money, Masebo decides almost everything. If this situation continues I will be left with no option but to resign,” he said.

Recently, Masebo fired top officials at ZAWA and banned safari hunting.

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