Sata moves RDA to State House

Zambian President Michael Sata Thursday launched a multi-billion dollar road project dubbed Link Zambia-8000 which he will personally supervise, prompting fears of corruption in awarding contracts.

The ambitious road project will cost about K27 trillion and is intended to connect outlying areas of Zambia to all the 10 provinces which will also boost interlink trade.

Inside trading in President Sata’s government which has seen his nephew Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba grab a huge chunk of government contracts and his close allies is rife.

President Sata announced his office will take over the Road Development Agency from the Ministry of Transport, Communications, Works and Supply in order for him to supervise all road projects.

Although President Sata is preaching corruption, his family and ministers, are engaging in inside dealing with government over huge tenders.

According to Qfm, President Sata said the launch of the road project is in line with the Patriotic Front’s promises of improving the country’s road network.

He says the launching of the “Link Zambia-8000″ road project, which is an MMD initiative, is the beginning of the many projects to be undertaken by the PF government.

The Leopards Hill Road project would go over Chongwe River and connect Feira right through to Luangwa Bridge.

On the other side, the road would provide a link to Kasisi, Chipembi, Chalimbana and Palabana, among other areas.

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