Sata must resign, he is too lifeless

Sata must resign, he is too lifeless

10549898_1455139271403995_7816009001948686555_oLooking at the latest photos of president Michael Sata, it is very easy to shed tears. It is very clear that Sata is a very sick, troubled old man. Yet, Sata himself, his family and government insist that Sata is not sick.

Is there a normal person who can still doubt how sick Sata is after seeing these photos?

We feel sorry for Sata as a human being. No one would want to see their father, grandfather or even mere friend or neighbour in that pale, lifeless condition.

It is just not right that a man so sick should be exposed to such public scrutiny. Why would government or whoever is in charge of Zambia expose another human being to the public in that state?
Is there no one in Sata’s family who can prevail on the PF to respect Sata’s dignity?

What are these photos really supposed to prove, that Sata is not dead? That he can walk? Then if he can walk, why can’t he stand by his son’s bedside just like his wife is standing?
Is it necessary for the state to hire photographers to go and stand on the runaway and make Sata pose for photos just to prove that he can walk?
These are questions that need answers. Probably there are people who wish Sata death; we are not part of those people. Our job is to investigate, and report on things that are happening in Zambia. We are particularly interested in things that affect the entire nation and people who depend on public funds. We shall never, ever shy away or stop reporting on the person who occupies the office of president or any other public office.
We reserve the to publish right unpopular topics. We are not in this job for popularity (though we are already popular anyway. Show us a facebook page in Zambia with more likes than our. bigger media houses can only wish).. You can hate us but tomorrow morning when you wake up, you shall find that we have published more news on the topic you wish we could stay away from.
Just like we have been reporting, everybody can see that Sata is very sick. Look at the lifeless hands. Look at how lifeless he looks as he kneels before his sick son.

And who can doubt what we publish? Was it not two days ago when told the country that Sata is feeling better and can now walk and sit in the sun? Were we not insulted when we reported that Kazimu has being involved in a fatal accident?
We wish our brother Kazimu God’s quick healing.

But we think that Sata should resign on health grounds. Zambia is bigger than Sata. There are other health people who can run this country.

That person as can be seen from these photos is not fit to work. He is not fit for any work and is supposed to be in a hospice or some other medical facility where he can only concentrate on his health.

There is no malice here. These are hard facts. The president of Zambia is like a chief executive of a company, not chairman. It means he must work 24 hours a day. We can’t afford to have a patient at the helm of a sick economy.
What kind of president is this who, whenever he appears in public, citizens are only interested in seeing how sick or fit he is?
Sata should do himself and the country a favour by resigning. It does not serve any purpose for him to continue denying that he is unfit when everybody can see that. This country is paining a heavy price for Sata’s sickness. We can only imagine how much has been spent so far to keep Sata in shape. Yet this is money, which can be used to build modern hospital that everybody can benefit from.

Sata will gain some respect if he just stops being foolish, selfish and greedy and puts the interest of the country in front of his sick skeleton by resigning.
We are sure by now he is also lying in hospital in South Africa after a strenuous day of posing for photos.

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