Sata needs help – FDD

From the way President Michael Sata has been handling national issues with particular reference to the Constitution Making Process, it is clear that the President is surrounded by wrong people.

It is baffling that the President has time to hold closed door meetings with foreign dignitaries on the issue of the Constitution but he has no time whatsoever to directly address the people of Zambia on this very important national address.
The Constitution we are talking about is not for foreigners but for Zambians thus addressing foreigners and ignoring the Zambians to whom the President has sworn allegiance to simply defeats common sense.
The bible says that a leader is as strong as his advisors and President Sata’s advisors are clearly self-serving individuals who are not helping him to provide inspirational servant-leadership.
Our humble advice is that let the President get rid of these people surrounding him and instead appoint people who will help him to properly manage the affairs of the nation.
Prepared and issued by:
Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson.

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