Sata never brought Mongu to a standstill, corrects friends of RB

A MONGU-BASED group calling itself ‘Friends of President Banda’ has advised the people of Western province not to be deceived by Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata’s alleged pretentious love for the people of Western province because he would ditch them if he assumed power.

A statement released by the group says Mr Sata’s love for Western province is not genuine.

“When he was in Government, Mr Sata worked against the development of the province,” the statement says.

It also said the report in the Sunday Post that Mr Sata brought Mongu to a standstill when he held a rally on Saturday is not true.

“Business in Mongu went ahead without any major disruption and the people who attended his rally were mainly children and people who wanted to hear the opposition leader’s ‘comedy’,” the statement reads.

It says Mr Sata allegedly failed to convincingly articulate himself on several issues affecting Western province such as the Mongu riots which happened in January.

The statement says Mr Sata also talked about restoring the Barotseland Agreement when he knew he could not do that.

“He is merely trying to woo and hoodwink the people of Western Province using the agreement. Mr Sata strongly opposed the restoration of the agreement when he was in Cabinet and convinced President Chiluba that the idea was not to be entertained as it was long dead and buried,” the statement says.

The statement says Mr Sata cannot be trusted with the republican presidency and urges the people of Western Province not to vote for him because he would forget about them if he assumed power.

And the Evangelical Youth Alliance International (EYAI) and the Committee of Citizens have warned Zambians, especially westerners, not to be used to blindly serve Mr Sata’s ‘desperate ambition’ to get into power in this year’s general elections.

EYAI president Moses Lungu said in an interview yesterday that Zambians cannot afford to jeopardise development by voting for the PF.

Rev Lungu said the MMD Government has performed well in developing all parts of the country and the party has been consistent with its promises to the people of Zambia.

“We have come a long way as a nation. We should not allow the development that we are seeing to slip through our hands,” he said.

He appealed to the people of Western Province not to believe that they are suffering more than other people in other parts of the country.

Rev. Lungu said Western province minister Richard Mwapela was right when he said on Sunday that Mr Sata is stuck for campaign messages because most of the projects he intends to undertake are already being executed by President Banda’s Government.

Committee of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire said there is nothing much Mr Sata can talk about because the MMD Government is already implementing what he thought he could do for the country.

Mr Chifire said Zambians should vote for people who are going to take the country forward.

“Zambians should realise that it is dangerous to vote for desperate people because if they assume power, they would serve their desperate needs,” he said.

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