Sata never said vendors should stay on the streets-Luo

Sata never said vendors should stay on the streets-Luo

Local government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection Nkandu Luo has said President Michael Sata s directive to councils to stop harassing street vendors was misunderstood by the public and blown out of proportion.

Speaking during her tour of Kitwe’s Chisokone market on  Thursday afternoon, Professor Luo said President Sata has never at any one time said vendors should stay on the streets but was telling the council to stop harassing the vendors following the incident in Ndola where vendors were injured.

She said people have misconstrued the directive to suit their needs and wants.

Luo has since asked the media to stop reporting irresponsibly and leave people mandated to carry out activities of relevant departments deal with the problem.

Sata has never publicly said vendors should be allowed on the streets. The story was started by the Post newspaper which reported that  president Michael Sata has ordered councils countrywide to let street vendors and those operating car wash points to run their businesses without being chased.

According to a letter dated December 10, 2011 to town clerks and obtained by The Post, President Sata stated that chasing vendors would make PF unpopular.

He stated that he was displeased over the mistreatment of street vendors and ordered a stop to their harassment.

President Sata said councils should concentrate on their core functions on behalf of the people they were elected to serve.



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