Sata claims RB, opposition leaders seeking asylum in RSA

Sata claims RB, opposition leaders seeking asylum in RSA

President Michael Sata has accused opposition leaders who went to South Africa to present a petition to the Commonwealth on the human rights abuses in Zambia of being in that country to seek criminal asylum.

Mr. Sata also claimed that former president Rupiah Banda is also seeking criminal asylum and that the Zambian government will extradite him from there.

Sata who only appears in public and addresses the nation during brief swearing-in ceremonies said this when he swore in ‘nominated’ MP Greyford Monde as the fourth deputy minister in the ministry of Agriculture.

Monde is former Itezhi Tezhi MP under UPND who has since been expelled for disrespecting party rules.

Mr. Sata who is probably not aware that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is already in the country and was this morning among hundreds of people who attended the funeral for late UPND Luena MP Chrispin Sibetta, said the opposition leaders should all come back and face the music back in Zambia.

It is not clear how the courts of law will now proceed with the cases that Mr. Hichilema and MMD president Dr. Nevers will be handled  them because the Zambian head of state declared them guilty of criminal cases.

Mr. Sata said the only person who is innocent in the group is United Libel Party president Sakwiba Sikota.

Mr. Sata also claimed that South African president Jacob Zuma has since refused to grant Mr. Banda asylum in that country.

And speaking when he swore-in the newly ‘nominated’ MP, Mr. Sata he will give him an office, vehicle, fuel, driver and allowances to develop the country unlike other leaders who don’t have such facilities.

Mr. Sata said now that Monde is a minister, he can tar roads in his former constituency such as Itezhi Tezhi- Monze, Itezhi-Tezhi-Namwala and Itezhi-Mumbwa.

But what Mr. Sata forgot to tell the MP is that the luxuries being given to Monde is Zambia tax-payers money not his his personal pocket.

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