Sata nominates more MPs than he is allowed by law

President Michael Sata has nominated more MPs than he is allowed by the constitution.

The current Zambian constitution allows the president to nominate at most 8 MPs at any given time but Sata has appointed 10.

The relevant part of the constitution says ‘the President may, at any time after a general election to the National Assembly and before the National Assembly is next dissolved, appoint such number of persons as he considers necessary to enhance the representation in the National Assembly as regards special interests or skills, to be nominated members of the National Assembly, so, however, that there are not more than eight such members at any onetime.’

But Sata has appointed Bob Sichinga, Ngosa Siambukula, John  Phiri, Panji Kaunda, Samuel Mukupa, Sebastian Zulu, Willie Nsanda, Alexander Chikwanda, Solomon Mbuzi and Joseph Kasonde.

All the nominated MPs have been appointed as either ministers or deputy ministers.

Latest information reaching the Watchdog indicates that Sata is trying to drop Willie Nsanda.

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