Sata not travelling, misses presidential engagements as a cost-saving measure

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has claimed that ailing president Michael Sata does not travel abroad as a cost-saving measure.

Speaking in an interview, Kalaba cheated that Sata likes delegating other people, and he will also represent Sata at the forth-coming SADC Heads of States Summit in the neighboring Victoria Town of Zimbabwe.

But typical of the PF lies, Kalaba did not say why Sata would rather to Israel for holiday instead of Mfuwe or any other pleasure resort with Zambia as a cost-saving measure, like other presidents were doing.

In any case, vice-president Guy Scott still goes gallivanting around the world with an almost the same delegation and possibly cost as the sitting president.

Kalaba maintained contrary to speculations, Sata was very health and fit and even chaired the cabinet meeting yesterday Monday morning.

So far, Sata has missed a number of high profile presidential engagements even at State House, perhaps as a cost saving-measure.

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