Sata now targets Lenje Chief Chipepo

Ailing dictator Michael Sata’s insatiable appetite to create confusion among traditional leaders has been exposed with another silent attack now targeted at Senior Chief Chipepo of the Lenje people of Central province whom government has accused of being stubborn.
Sources close to State house have told the Zambian Watchdog that Sata has directed Central province minister Obvious Mwaliteta, Permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale and other district commissioners in Central province to isolate the senior Chief who also reigns as senior Mukuningombe.
The source also adds that Sata accuses the traditional leader of being sympathetic to MMD, and that he campaigned for MMD candidate Lawrence Zimba during the induced Kapiri Mposhi by election mid this year which was won by the PF’s Eddie Musonda.
“During campaigns, Sata ordered that the chief meets him at a campaign meeting at short notice but the chief declined and said he was not at his palace, that was how Sata flew to chief Ngabwe where he even declared the place a district. He has since advised all DCs and the PS not to pay any courtesy call on the chief, so it will be another Henry Sosala case this year,” said the impeccable source.
And an inspection of the activity log book of Central province minister Obvious Mwaliteta and his PS also confirm that the leaders have visited other chiefs in the central province but have left out Chief Chipepo.
The Zambian Watchdog will closely monitor this situation and give an update as the Cobra spits its venoms.

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