Sata offers K3 billion to MPs sitting to ratify Justice Chibesakunda

Sata offers K3 billion to MPs sitting to ratify Justice Chibesakunda

President Michael Sata is offering K3 billion to Members of Parliament sitting on the select committee to do a favorable report for the ratification of the appointment of his relative Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

According to a source at State House, Sata has since instructed his Principal Private Secretary Francis Chalabesa to individually approach some members of the select committee.

President Sata made the offer Monday evening after the majority members of the committee voted against the idea of even entertaining the idea to float Justice Chibesakunda.

Another source from Parliament has told the Watchdog that committee met earlier to strategise for today but some members categorically said it was a non-starter even to think of sitting to hear submissions because Chibesakunda was not eligible on account of her age.

The source said this morning, a motion was put to a vote and the result is that the committee resolved not to receive submissions.

The source said it was after the motion had collapsed that Post Newspapers Editor Fred Mmembe called the National Assembly speaker Patrick Matibini.

Soon after Sata also called the Speaker instructing him that the process should restart.

It is after Sata’s call to Matibini that the speaker started calling committee members to restart the process.

The process will restart tomorrow. The committee comprises Stephen Chungu who is Luanshya PF MP, Mwimba Malama Mfuwe PF MP a Mr. Mumba also from PF.

Others are Kabinga Pande from MMD, Victoria Kalima MMD and Situmbeko Musokotwane MMD.

Others Ms. Imenda from ADD who is chairperson, Jack Mwimbu from UPND and Patrick Mucheleka independent.

Mr. Sata has since  instructed Mr. Chalabesa to target at least three MP’s.

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