Sata offers Kamondo, Masumba diplomatic jobs

As the war between Steven Masumba and Elliot Kamondo  for adoption in the Mufumbwe Bye-lection intensifies, president Michael Sata has promised  to send whoever withdraws into diplomatic service.

According to State House Sources, Sata personally phoned both Kamondo and Masumba Tuesday evenning to give them the offer ahead of the November 8 Mufumbwe by-election.

Sata and the PF at large is worried that the fight between Kamondo and Masumba will further weaken the already fragile party in North-westewrn province.

And PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who is on the side of Masumba says primary elections being conducted by PF’s lower organs in Mufumbwe are unconstitutional and do not have the blessing of the party.

Kamondo clearly beat Masumba in the primary elections but the ruling party in Lusaka is determined to impose Masumba.

The intervention by Sata is there fore meant to pacify the situation.

Unlike embassies for other countries which represent interests of their countries and citizens in those countries, Zambian missions in other countries are just meant to give jobs to party cadres.


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