Sata orders acting chief Justice to nullify Kasenengwa seat held by MMD

Sata orders acting chief Justice to nullify Kasenengwa seat held by MMD

Sata and Mpezeni

Sata and Mpezeni

President Michael Sata has directed Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to  nullify the Kasenengwa Parliamentary seat in Eastern Province held by Victoria Kalima.

MP Kalima is one of the few MPs who have refused to get pieces of silver from Sata and join the PF. Sata has been on her case for a long time now.

During his trip to Mansa to thank the people of Mansa for voting for PF candidate Chitalu Chilufya, Sata phoned Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and directed that the Supreme Court should nullifies the Kasenengwa Parliamentary.

According to intelligence sources, President Sata aboard the Zambia Air-Force Presidential plane ordered that the Kasenengwa seat be nullified at the nearest possible time because Victoria Kalima has been refusing to accept a Deputy Minister position or defect to the Patriotic Front.

The sources disclosed that every phone call made by the President is recorded by qualified (senior) security officials but this one was not well handled as it had gone through Zamtel.

It is through the Zamtel network that our sources intercepted Sata directing Chibesakunda to nullify the Kasenengwa seat. Other sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that President Sata has on several occasions enticed Kalima to join the PF or accept the deputy minister position but she has been refusing. The sources say Sata has even used dagga and sex addict paramount chief Mpezeni to convince Victoria Kalima but she has refused.

Sata is reported to be considering Tourism Permanent Secretary George Zulu for the seat.

Zulu is a personal friend to Mpezeni and it is Mpezeni who orgnised a job for him from Sata.

Mpezeni, a lumpen of a chief is a very close confidant to Sata because both have a personal agenda against former President Rupiah Banda. Mpezeni hates Banda because it is alleged Rupiah respected Paramount Chief Gawa Undi of the Chewa people more than Mpezeni. Eastern province has two paramount chiefs but Gawa Undi commands more respect because he is a man of high integrity and of provable education background. Mpezeni is ever high on Dagga, sleeps in Night Clubs and is a very good customer to sex workers in Chipata.

Mpezeni also like his friend at State House has no traceable education background. It is believed he stopped school in Grade Five. Bot have no traceable ex-classmates of former.

Sata has never said which school he went to in Zambia or abroad.

He only said he was born under a tree.

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