President Sata orders army to attack Barotse activists in Lukulu

President Sata orders army to attack Barotse activists in Lukulu


President Michael Sata has ordered defence and security chiefs to immediately take charge of the confusion being created in Lukulu, western province by a group calling itself the Barotse Liberation army.

President Sata says he is aware that the group is currently recruiting ex-soldiers and ex-police officers and has since recruited over 600 people.

He says the country should not be very comfortable with the peace it is currently enjoying as there are some individuals who are trying hard to destabilize the country’s peace.

President Sata says if it means using force, the defence force should go ahead and use it because what is more important is the preservation of the country’s peace.

He said this in Lusaka this morning during the 15th command and staff course graduation of 62 officers.

President Sata says there is need for the armed forces to prove their relevance because as the situation stands, it seems the army is irrelevant as it has no proper ammunition.

Sata said it is government’s desire to see a defence force that is grounded in professionalism with officers that possess knowledge not only in matters of defence and security but also in other disciplines of knowledge.

And President Sata has authorized defence minister and defence chiefs to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo to discuss with that country’s defence force over the current situation in that country.

President Sata has also instructed Mr. Mwamba to warn the Congo defence force not to temper with Zambia because it is committed to respecting principles of non-interference in international affairs of other countries.

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