Sata orders closure of CBU indefinately

Ailing dictator President Michael Sata has personally ordered the indefinite closure of the Copperbelt University (CBU) with immediate effect.

Students have since been ordered to leave the university campus within 30 minutes.

The CBU students have been protesting over the lack of accommodation and the management position to stop them from squatting in the few available rooms.

Students were further angered by the management decision to expel their union colleagues who were representing their plight.

Many stakeholders have since voiced their concerns on the logic of building more universities by the PF government before sorting out problems at the existing institutions such as the troubled University of Zambia, CBU, Evelyn Hone College, and Mulungushi University in Kabwe which are in dire need of improvement.

Probably the noise from CBU is disturbing the president at State House.

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